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Inland Revenue Laws
  • Taxation practice is the forte of our Firm. Our tax practice services include: 1- Transaction planning and restructuring; 2- Periodic review of accounting process and procedures; 3- Review of final accounts for tax provision and computation; 4- Preparation of the return and its annexure; 5- Handling assessment proceedings; 6- Appeals from CIR to the Supreme Court; 7- Liaising with the Central Board of Revenue for finding administrative solutions to the controversial issues and seeking advance opinion of ambiguous statutory provisions; 8- Tax-effective salary structuring; and assisting the clients in ensuring timely and cost effective compliance such as withholding taxes and filing of periodical statements.
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Corporate Laws
  • Our corporate practice covers a wide spectrum of sub-areas and activities both domestically and internationally. We advise clients on all corporate issues including 1- incorporation, 2- commencement, 3- initial public offering (IPO), 4- corporate governance, 5- directors’ liability, 6- securitization, 7- Corporate Finance, 8- Stock Exchange Listing, 9- re-structuring, re-habilitation, 10- SECP Compliance and litigation, 11- mergers and acquisitions(M&A), 12- Spin-offs and winding-up. We also handle litigation, incorporation and compliance related issues including preparation of Memorandum and Articles of Association; filing annual, periodical, and occasional statements; representing clients before the regulatory, administrative, and judicial authorities; and filing international memoranda wherever necessitated by laws.
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  • We deal in selective litigation involving important legal issues concerning contractual disputes, constitutional and administrative law matters, service & labour laws issues, fundamental human rights, corporate and taxation matters. Other areas we usually undertake work in the following areas: ► Alternate Dispute Resolution Mediation, Negotiation, Arbitration. ► Civil Insurance, Recovery of money and damages suits, Property disputes. ► Constitutional Administrative Law Advice, Writ Petitions, Service matters. ► Contracts Advice and Negotiation, Agreement Drafting, Contract Enforcement, Breach Litigation. ► Energy & Natural Resources Mineral Exploration and Marketing, Power Generation and Distribution, Water Management. ► IT and Communication Computer Laws, Cyber Crime, Software Licensing, Telecom and IT Contracts. ► International Trade Anti-Dumping, Shipping, Trade Agreements, WTO Disputes Resolution.
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